The technology behind the LumiCleanse™ system

A Clear Solution

The LumiCleanse™ system uses biophotonics, the interaction of light with biological systems to combat acne.

The LumiCleanse™ gel converts the light from a multi-LED lamp, the KT-D™ lamp, into different colour wavelengths that penetrate skin, stimulate healing and fight acne.

Treatment available exclusively from select skincare experts

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The LumiCleanse™ system

Clear results using biophotonic therapy

The LumiCleanse™ system is on the cutting edge of skincare. The innovative KT-D™ lamp emits a safe blue light* to activate the LumiCleanse™ gel, stimulate healing and give way to noticeable improvement of skin appearance.

This innovative system combines two technologies to combat acne:

  1. The KT-D™ lamp activates the LumiCleanse™ gel to treat zits, pimples and blemishes for patients 16 years and older.


  1. The LumiCleanse™ gels consist of two components: an innovative light-trapping gel and a carrier gel. The gels convert the light from the KT-D™ lamp into different colour wavelengths that penetrate the skin and stimulate healing and fight acne.

This approach is proven to be safe.1

No serious side effects or pain

Patients did not report any serious side effects or pain; any mild side effects are generally temporary and will not interrupt your daily routine.

With the LumiCleanse system, any affected part of the body can easily be treated, such as the face, back or chest.

This treatment may not be right for you. Please ask your skincare specialist or dermatologist.

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*With no UVA/UVB

LumiCleanse™ results

In a clinical trial1:

-Over 80% of patients saw inflammatory lesions decrease by 40% or more.

-Over 90% of patients who had significant improvements maintained these results for at least 6 months.

LumiCleanse™ is an effective treatment with limited side effects.

  • Low number of side effects as shown in a clinical trial**1
  • No reports of bowel disorders and colitis, as seen with the top two leading acne treatments**
  • No post-treatment downtime

Once the treatment session is complete, there is no discomfort or sensitivity to light. Daily activities can be resumed immediately.

This treatment may not be right for you. Please ask your skincare specialist or dermatologist.

Interested in the LumiCleanse™ system?

Talk to your dermatologist or skincare specialist about this proven solution for acne.

**Fewer systemic side effects than current oral acne therapies.

  1. Data on file (Protocol CL-K1005-P001), KLOX Technologies Inc. 2014