Combat acne

The LumiCleanse™ system: a cutting-edge dermal technology that stimulates healing and fights acne.

Combat acne using biophotonics

Reduce pimples with this effective acne treatment. No need for medication or harsh chemicals. LumiCleanse™ uses the power of light to stimulate healing and fight acne, for clearer, blemish-free skin.

The LumiCleanse™ system can be used for moderate to severe acne for visible results in a few short weeks.*


A multi-LED lamp, the KT-D™ lamp, and two gels act in synergy to help treat your acne:

  • Skin healing
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Penetration within the skin


A simple and efficient treatment:

  • 2 sessions per week
  • for 6 weeks
  • 9-minute treatment session per treated surface


LumiCleanse™ is recommended for people 16 years and older.

*Results may vary.